Hello and welcome to Effective Snoring Remedies. I am excited you are here in your pursuit of a solution that will stop your snoring permanently.

It can be a tricky ordeal finding solutions that work. And more importantly, finding ones that don’t involve using uncomfortable devices. I know, because I have been there. But here at Effective Snoring Remedies I’d like to help you make a success of your quest, to share with you user-friendly and  effective solutions that will put an end to your snoring for good. 


My Story

My name is Femi, and I used to be a snorer – a very loud snorer. I live in the UK with my lovely wife, and a young energetic toddler son.

How I found out about my snoring

I first became aware of my snoring by accident!

I say accident because, often as a snorer, you are oblivious to your snoring unless you are told by someone who shares a room or house with you. But in my case, I learnt about my snoring on my own. This was in my late twenties – when I was still single and living by myself.

I made the discovery as a result of my quest to know the reason I often felt heavily drowsy shortly after having a meal, particularly after having lunch. At the time, I was working in an open-plan office where it was impossible to have a nap without drawing the attention of my line manager and colleagues. I would spend several minutes after lunch – sometimes up to three quarters of an hour – fighting off the sleepy feeling.

I’m not a fan of tea or coffee, so often when the drowsy feeling became overwhelming, I would walk away from my desk or go outside to get some fresh air. Other times I wasn’t so lucky, I’d doze off before I could walk away from my desk which was embarrassing.

I started searching for answers to the cause and solution of my daytime tiredness, despite having had sufficient sleep the night before. That was when I came across material about the quality of my sleep and how it could be compromised by snoring. But it was my wife who really made me pay attention after I got married, poking me with her elbow on numerous occasions in the night in an attempt to get me to stop snoring. In the end we had to resort to sleeping in separate rooms to ensure she had uninterrupted sleep.

An imperfect solution

After getting married and I saw how my snoring was becoming a nuisance to my wife, I re-doubled my effort in looking for solutions. I tried a range of options from nasal sprays to throat sprays, from chip straps to mouthpieces until I ended up with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. Except for the CPAP machine, the other options produced mixed results.

The CPAP machine addressed my snoring; the result was remarkable – I was waking up feeling refreshed and the drowsy feeling after lunch had become less frequent, particularly on days when my mask did not leak loads. Plus my wife and I could sleep in the same room again.

However, using the CPAP came with a few negative side effects not to mention the unease of using the equipment in the first place. I was having stomach discomforts in the mornings, waking up feeling bloated with higher than normal gas and burping after using the machine.

Moreover, I often had to fiddle with my mask during the night to stop leakages thereby constantly breaking my flow of sleep. What’s more, I found my teeth were becoming increasingly sensitive to cold and hot water with time when I came to brush them in the mornings. I discussed the effects with my physician, especially the bloating, but he had no remedy for me.

As with most things, even when results are amazing, if you don’t enjoy the process, if there are adverse side effects, chances are you won’t keep up with the habit. And that’s what happened to me.

Over time, I stopped using my CPAP machine regularly until I stopped altogether as the stomach bloating and the sensitive teeth had become unbearable. As I expected, my snoring returned, as did the lethargic feeling after lunch, and my wife and I soon returned to sleeping in different rooms.

Natural solution

I then determined to find alternative snoring solutions that would not involve uncomfortable devices or gimmicks which only managed the condition.

I discovered simple snoring solutions which has worked for me and permanently gotten rid of my snoring without any uncomfortable side effects. Needless to say my wife is happy and we are back together sharing the same room.


Why I Want To Help People

I want to share my experience of what I found to be effective. Of course, I have had my failures which I will also discuss but I’ll focus on sharing more of what works so you can do anyway with devices that make your sleeping uncomfortable and do not terminate your snoring for good without leaving you with unpleasant side effects.


The Goal Of My Site

The goal of my website is to furnish you with snoring remedies and insights to improve the quality of your sleep. I will share what I believe are effective snoring solutions that are user-friendly and will help you to stop snoring altogether.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, you are welcome to drop me a message at femi@effectivesnoringremedies.com and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,


Founder of www.effectivesnoringremedies.com